While working as a gas station attendant in high school, Adam "Jah Mex" Arredondo fell down a rabbit hole of reggae music. He's spent over 20 years learning, and performing with some of its greats including Jamaican bassist, Fully Fullwood, who produced Jah Mex's first two albums in 2009 and 2015. Reggae, Ska, and Rock Steady have been the epicenter of influence for Jah Mex. However, his songwriting offers antics of jazz, rock and soul.

Various singles including "Dub You" and "Like A Lion" have been released featuring members of the Soul Syndicate Band from Jamaica including Tony Chin, Santa Davis and Fully Fullwood. Jah Mex is currently at work on his 3rd album, Narrow Gates. The first single to drop from this self produced album is called "My Lane", and is slated to release February 12th. 

Jah Mex is supported by multi talented backing band, The Translators, featuring Albert Hertado on guitar, Eaux Bain on bass, Dave Fulkerson and Blake Bartz on drums, and Jah Mex fronting the band on keys and vocals. A high energy stage show, combined with spirit led connection to the audience has inspired new fans in various Socal venues including Mozambique, Winstons, The Wayfarer and Yost Theatre. 

As the son of two Chicano parents from East L.A, Jah Mex was born in Whittier, CA and moved to south Orange County with his family at 7 years old. Through struggling to adapt in this new upscale environment where kids judged each other by clothing labels, Jah Mex found his way first through bodyboarding and surfing and then through reggae. At 21 Jah Mex joined Orange County based group, Four 20 Band, who took him to Europe on tour  as the opening and backing band for international reggae artist, Eek A Mouse. 

As a freelance keyboardist, Jah Mex has played for Marcia Griffiths, Mighty Diamonds, Junior Ried, Cornel Campbell, Tippa Irie, The Melodians, Boom Shaka, Lloyd Hemmings and The Rastafarians. His keys are also on various recordings for artists produced by Fully Fullwood, including San Diego reggae group, Ginger Roots & The Protectors.

In 2018 Jah Mex collaborated with veteran session player/pro skateboarder, Chuck Treece to produce Jah Mex's most recent single, "Changes". Shortly after, Treece and Mex produced debut EP, 'The Magician', for 17 year old jazz keyboardist, Lucian Lianti. In the same year, Jah Mex produced an album called 38, co-written with veteran reggae musician from Orange County, CA, Eric Riegler, for their recording project called The Coves

Aside from his own act, Jah Mex is a founding member of Los Angeles based reggae group, Lesterfari & Kings Music. In 2017 he also joined an emerging reggae band from North County San Diego called New Leaf, as a keyboardist. 

The name “Jah Mex” was given in the kitchen by Jamaican friend, Pablo Crawford, after Jah Mex began to experiment with mixing Rice & Peas, Jerk Chicken and plantains into burritos. Over the years Jah Mex has had a vision of a kitchen with a stage where his friends could come jam and eat. But for now, music is on the menu with one simple request: Just Listen.